Are we located downtown? Not quite — we're proud to be in the #RockfordNorthEnd for almost 77 years — but we have a lot of friends and colleagues who live and work downtown, and we recognize the difficulty they're dealing with regarding the City Market footprint. Closing down the main East/West corridor downtown all day on Friday cannot be good for the brick and mortar businesses that have invested their time, effort, and money in building longstanding business downtown #Rockford. @rockfordcitymarket has brought attention, new faces, and new businesses to our city center, and while we love all of that, a food truck can take off and locate elsewhere tomorrow. Our friends at the @irishrosesaloon, @abreo515, @octanerkfd, @sistersthaicafe_ and others cannot. A simple tweaking of the layout means everyone can coexist. Good luck to our buds downtown. #keepstateopen #rockford #rawkford #gorockford #