If you’ve looked at our backbar lately, you might notice our bartenders using a new draft tower. That’s because we’ve added 5 wines on tap. Why pour wine on tap? 1: It’s more efficient for our staff. No time wasted cutting foil, opening corks, carrying loads of bottles upstairs only to have our crew throw them out later in the night. 2: Improved quality & consistency. Ever go to a bar and order a glass of wine and think, “Eh, this bottle’s been open for a few days.” With wine on tap, there’s no concerns about oxidation, broken corks or having a bottle sit open too long. 
3: Better for the environment. One keg is about the same volume as 26 bottles of wine, so that means less trash going to landfills or recycling centers, less manufacturing waste and a reduced carbon footprint.
 4: Better selection. No more worrying about wasting half (or more) of a bottle once we open it if it doesn’t sell through fast enough. Since the kegged wine is pushed with nitrogen, it’s like you’re getting the first pour out of a bottle, every time.There’s more behind the scenes reasons why wine on tap is great, but just we hope you notice that our selection of wines is improving and changing more often, like we do with draft beers. And if you’d like to help us pick the next wines on our list, join us tomorrow at our First Thursday Wine Tasting! Admission is a $10 donation to the Rock River Valley Pantry, you’ll get to sample 10 wines and help pick which one goes on our list next. See all the event deets at our Facebook page, or just stop in tomorrow with a wine loving friend! #rockfordrocks #rockford #rawkford #gorockford @freeflowwines @gorockford @@therockfordbuzz @rkfdpositivity @thisisrockford