We sure do miss having Der Rathskeller in the neighborhood. But since there's no German restaurant in town, we figured we could step into the role for a bit. So we hope you'll join us for our monthlong #Oktoberfest celebration featuring sausages, big soft pretzels, schnitzel, homemade spaetzle, and of course, liter mugs of bier! Keep an eye out for more Oktoberfest specials as we progress through the month. (We also have cod and lake perch tonight for our Fish Fry traditionalists). Call for curbside pickup or RSPVS at 815.962.8758 — kitchen serves till 11 on the weekends! Imports/Festbiers currently on tap: Krombacher Pils / Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest / Eagle Park MC Hammerschlagen / 2nd Shift Brewing OktoberfestWaiting in our cellar: Metropolitan Brewing Afterburner Oktoberfest / Ayinger Oktoberfest / Krombacher Dark Pilsner