#FirkinFriday Mar 4 – Revolution TV Party on CASK

Join us for a fresh firkin of Rev’s TV Party! Cask will be tapped with the ceremonial hammer at 3pm sharp and lasts until… well, until you drink it all.

Thanks as always to Wil at Revolution Brewing for brewing up and filling our casks with delicious stuff. He’s the handsome guy in the picture making a mess.  He may even stop in for a pint or three … all in the name of quality control.

From the Revolution website:
“TV Party — Our Rye IPA is a very crisp and refreshing ale brewed with a very simple malt bill. 2-row, flaked rye (20 %) and Carared malt yields a clear golden ale with a silky mouth feel and subtle toasty/nutty undertones (contributed by the flaked rye). We used a new hop variety from New Zealand for bittering purposes called Nelson Sauvighn along with Chinook and Amarillo in the brew kettle to kick up the citrus aroma.”

What is Cask beer?
“Unfiltered beer, usually ale), that is racked (transferred) into casks, krausened (carbonated), sealed and then undergoes a slight final fermentation in the cask. Often finings (clarifying agents) will be added to help the beer drop bright—when yeast cells naturally flocculate (clump) and settle at the bottom of a vessel.