To our fans — Today (Monday 3/16/20) we will be open for our normal food & beverage service until 9pm. In accordance with gov't mandate, tomorrow (3/17/20), we will be open with a limited menu from 11am-9pm for carryout only. We are currently working on updating the menu on our website (and likely will be donating a lot of produce to Miss Carly's and other local food banks/charities today and tomorrow). Please understand that we cannot offer our full menu during this time but we'll keep the core items that you know and love, like burgers, reubens, and yes, corned beef & cabbage. Give us a ring at 815.378.8079 and we'll have an order ready for you to pick up. There's a lot of fast moving pieces to this puzzle. and we are doing our best to stay on top of it – we will keep you updated of any changes via FB and Instagram.In the restaurant industry, there's a saying that "we put our customers first." While the sentiment is great, it's not entirely true — our staff comes first, as they are the gears that make the whole machine turn. We are ensuring that anyone on staff that is being furloughed is applying for benefits and doing whatever we can for our crew. If you're stopping in tonight or anytime this week, I hope you'll tip a few extra bucks. We cannot thank our fans enough for staying with us through this whole ordeal. It's gonna be tough on a lot of local businesses, so even if it's not from us, please consider ordering carryout from a locally owned restaurant, or buy a gift card from their website that you can use at a later date. We will be here for you on the other side and eager to pour you a pint. Cheers and best wishes to everyone — Zak