Cask tapping TOMORROW – the only real cask ale in Rockford

Tomorrow, we’re tapping a firkin (cask) of Boulder Mad Mojo (double dry hopped MOJO IPA) at 3pm. What is Cask beer?
“Unfiltered beer, usually ale), that is racked (transferred) into casks, krausened (carbonated), sealed and then undergoes a slight final fermentation in the cask. Often finings (clarifying agents) will be added to help the beer drop bright—when yeast cells naturally flocculate (clump) and settle at the bottom of a vessel.
The net result is a beer that has a much gentler level of carbonation, a rounder mouthfeel, and since it is unfiltered, usually shows a slightly more complex flavor and aromatic profile. It is often slightly cloudy, and is best served at cellar temperature (around 55°F). It’s considered “live” beer since it is unfiltered and has live yeast in the cask (which is how we get the final fermentation and carbonation).”

Cask Ale: Draught Beer At Its Best

Then, at 8pm, our Shake Weight Competition starts!

3 Rounds
2 teams of 2

Round 1 “The Burn”
Description: Contestant gets a pump on for 15 seconds with one hand, while applying Shake chapstick to their lips with their other hand.
Duration: 15 seconds

Round 2 “Lip Service”
Description: Using just your mouth, garnish your Shake Chocolate Porter with a wedge of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. During the contestant’s oral performance, they must simultaneously get a pump on with their chosen hand.
Duration: Until completion

Round 3 “Hitting the Slopes of Burbank”
Description: Simultaneously pump a Shake Weight in each hand while your partner administers a sip of Shake Chocolate Porter to you through a straw.
Duration: 15 seconds

Winner get a Boulder Beer cycling uniform and hat
2nd place gets a $25 Olympic Tavern gift certificate